What are the signs that can point to osteoarthritis in the knee or hip joint?

Symptoms of osteoarthritis usually develop slowly, and with increasing damage over the years.

  • Pain – appears tin the damaged joint during, and after, its operation, and is relieved by rest.
  • Stiffness – difficulty in bending or moving the leg. The feeling is temporary, and can appear in the morning when rising, or after a long break in activity, such as driving or watching television.
  • Sensitivity – the joint is exceptionally sensitive to touch, and pressure on it.
  • Enlargement of the joint – the erosion process causes the bone to grow, and distortion of the joint, which seems to be larger.
  • Creaking (crepitation) – sometimes, because of the rubbing of bone on bone, creaking in the region of joint, can be felt, and sometimes even heard, during movement.
  • Inflammation – an inflammatory reaction can appear from time to time in the affected joint. The joint is swollen, painful and hot to the touch. The phenomenon passes after a few days.